Boss, the renowned German fashion brand owned by Hugo Boss, has recently announced an exciting new partnership with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team (AMF1). This collaboration will see Boss become the official fashion partner of the British racing team, with plans to design and develop stylish looks for the team starting from next year.

As part of this partnership, Boss will be responsible for creating formal clothing for the race drivers, as well as developing a range of high-performance race and travel wear for the entire team. Their designs will incorporate Boss’s signature styling, which includes premium materials, sleek shapes, and minimalist detailing. Moreover, the brand’s logos will be prominently featured on the bodywork of the AMR22 car, making its debut at the British Grand Prix held at Silverstone.

Daniel Grieder, the CEO of Hugo Boss, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Aston Martin, highlighting their shared values of technology, craftsmanship, luxury design, and iconic status. This collaboration with the British racing team aligns perfectly with Boss’s aim to work with strong partners who mirror their brand values. Lawrence Stroll, the CEO of AMF1, sees this partnership as a validation of their efforts in establishing an international platform for brands to collaborate on a global scale.

Beyond the on-track visibility, the partnership will also involve joint development of a limited-edition capsule collection featuring modern performance wear. Fans can anticipate the release of this highly anticipated collection in 2023. This decision to return to the world of Formula One was influenced by the steps the championship has taken to reduce its global environmental impact. Boss supports the adoption of hybrid technology, the introduction of sustainable fuel in 2026, and the championship’s ambition to be a net-zero carbon sport by 2030.

With a rich history of involvement in international motorsport dating back to 1972, Boss considers these partnerships crucial in repositioning themselves as an international lifestyle brand that focuses on authentic collaborations and delivering unique customer experiences. The collaboration with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team allows Boss to further expand its marketing efforts, reaching key consumers and consolidating its presence in both the fashion and motorsport industries.

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