The Brand Architekts Group, a beauty business, has announced a substantial increase in sales for the 52-week period ending on June 30, 2023. The company expects sales to reach around £20.1 million for the year, representing a significant 41% increase from the previous year. This impressive growth can largely be attributed to the recent acquisition of InnovaDerma, completed in May 2022. Even without the contribution from InnovaDerma, the company saw a solid 7% increase in revenue, driven by strong international sales that helped offset challenging trading conditions in the UK.

Despite the obstacles faced, the Brand Architekts Group managed to reduce its operating loss in the second half of the year. This improvement is credited to more targeted advertising and promotional efforts, which resulted in an enhanced contribution to the company’s bottom line. The company expects to see similar improvements in its full-year losses. Additionally, the Brand Architekts Group closed the year with a healthy net cash position of approximately £8.2 million, slightly surpassing market expectations and outperforming the position at the half-year mark.

Throughout the year, the Brand Architekts Group experienced several notable developments. In June, the company launched its new Super Facialist Clear Skin product, specifically designed to address the skincare needs of problematic teenagers. The product debuted in Boots after an initial release on Amazon in September of the previous year. Furthermore, the company recently initiated brand awareness and customer acquisition campaigns for its Skinny Tan brand.

In addition to positive trading news, the Brand Architekts Group successfully resolved its legal claim with its joint venture partner in Mr Haircare Ltd. The company had previously disclosed a legal claim brought by Jamie Stevens Media Limited, contending a breach of a shareholders’ agreement that dates back to the Brand Architekts Group’s acquisition of Fish in 2018. After seeking legal advice and engaging in constructive dialogue, the company agreed to a full and final settlement of all claims, amounting to £200,000, along with legal costs of £225,000. Furthermore, the Brand Architekts Group will acquire JSML’s 55% shareholding in Mr Haircare Ltd at a fair value price to be determined by an external valuer later this year. The brand will undergo a rebranding as ‘MR’ with plans to expand into related male grooming problem-solving categories and invest in the masterbrand to boost brand awareness and encourage consumer trial. MR’s sales for FY23 are expected to reach £0.54 million.

In conclusion, the Brand Architekts Group has experienced significant growth and success in the past year, driven by strategic acquisitions, targeted advertising campaigns, and the launch of new products. The resolution of the legal claim with its joint venture partner in Mr Haircare Ltd not only brings closure but also presents opportunities for future growth in the male grooming market. With a robust cash position and positive market outlook, the Brand Architekts Group is well-positioned for continued achievements in the beauty industry.

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