British menswear designer Christopher Ræburn is set to breathe new life into two fashion labels, The Left Hand and ST95, originally founded by Massimo Osti, the creator of Stone Island. The acquisition of Stone Island by Moncler has paved the way for Ræburn to lead the revival of these brands, which were first launched over 25 years ago.

Left Hand Studios Limited, based in the UK, has acquired the rights to these two labels and plans to relaunch them for the Autumn/Winter 2021 season. The brands were initially established in the mid-1990s, leveraging Osti’s technical expertise gained from his work with Stone Island and CP Company.

With Ræburn at the creative helm, operating from the RÆBURN Lab in East London, The Left Hand and ST95 will make their comeback for the 2020s. Each label has its own unique identity and direction. Left Hand has always prioritized the use of innovative materials, and its AW21 collection will showcase a range of jackets, liners, and jersey pieces that stay true to the brand’s original aesthetic while adapting to the current fashion landscape.

ST95, on the other hand, had a sporty aesthetic and focused on a younger demographic compared to Left Hand. For its AW21 relaunch, the brand will be “reimagined” with an emphasis on youthfulness and environmental responsibility. The revitalized label will remain forward-thinking while paying homage to its roots, presenting unexpected and contemporary designs.

The first look at these revived brands will be unveiled to a select group of international retailers in February 2021. With Ræburn’s involvement, excitement is building as his fresh creative energy and expertise promise an exciting future for The Left Hand and ST95 in the fashion industry.

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