Andrew Wolfson, the brother of Next CEO Simon Wolfson, has recently made a significant investment in the womenswear brand Ro&Zo. Founders Rosie Bowden, Zoe de Abreu, and Rachel Heather, who previously worked at Cover Up, started the brand during the lockdowns, and it has achieved impressive sales of over £4 million in its first year primarily through online channels and John Lewis concessions.

Wolfson, who is the founder of Pembroke Venture Capital Trust, has acquired a 20% stake in Ro&Zo for £1.5 million. He has a track record of investing in successful fashion brands, including Me+Em, which he sold earlier this year for a substantial profit. However, he has also faced losses on investments in businesses such as Alexa Chung.

Despite these setbacks, Wolfson remains optimistic about the potential for success in the fashion industry. He acknowledges that failures are a part of the investment process and is transparent about them. Pembroke Venture Capital Trust has stakes in a total of 59 unlisted businesses and is not experiencing a significant decline in consumer spending across its portfolio.

With Wolfson’s investment, Ro&Zo not only gains financial backing but also expertise and industry connections. This support will fuel the brand’s growth and expansion plans, including the opening of its first physical store. This move will enhance the customer experience and help Ro&Zo reach a broader audience.

Overall, both Wolfson and Ro&Zo are optimistic about their partnership and the future of the brand. Sales are expected to increase during the holiday season, and time will tell how this investment unfolds.

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