Bucherer, the largest big-boutique for quality watches in Paris, is venturing into the vintage watch market with its new Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) section. The highly anticipated section will be unveiled at Bucherer’s flagship store on the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris, which is recognized as the world’s largest store dedicated to quality watches.

Having opened its doors in 2013, the Bucherer store has allocated 150 square meters of space to the CPO section, making up 7% of its total surface area. This marks the fourth Bucherer store to include a pre-owned department, with Zurich, Geneva, and Hamburg leading the way. It is anticipated that up to 10 stores could feature the CPO sections by the end of the year.

Nathalie Célia, Bucherer’s Managing Director for France, acknowledges the growing popularity of second-hand items and sustainability, which has made wearing pre-owned clothes and watches more socially acceptable. Bucherer, established in 1888 and still a family-owned business, encompasses three divisions dedicated to retailing, including its own chain, Tourneau, and its watch business, Carl F. Bucherer. The company keeps its annual turnover under wraps.

Similar to luxury watch brands owned by the Richemont group, Bucherer has made a foray into the pre-owned watch business. However, Bucherer prefers to categorize its watches as “pre-owned” rather than “vintage”. The CPO section at the Paris store currently offers a wide selection of wristwatches from renowned brands like IWC, Panerai, Rolex, and Breitling. Customers have already snapped up watches such as an Omega Speedmaster for €2,650 and a Rolex Air-King for €4,300. While most of the pre-owned watches are sourced from existing clients, Bucherer also acquires them from international vendors.

On average, 60% of the store’s purchases are made by men, with the remaining 40% made by women. Célia notes that tastes are constantly evolving, with men increasingly opting for diamond-studded watches and career-driven women favoring steel timepieces. The CPO watches undergo a thorough servicing process, which can last several hours or even days, depending on their condition.

In order to maintain a sense of discretion, Bucherer ensures that the previous owners’ names and information are erased from the watch boxes before being put up for sale in the CPO section. The company believes that discretion is indispensable in the luxury watch industry.

For more information on Bucherer and the Certified Pre-Owned section, please visit the official Bucherer website (insert link) and the Bucherer Paris flagship store page (insert link).