Buff, the renowned outdoor wear brand, is preparing to commemorate its 300th anniversary as a global brand in 2022. Despite originating in Spain, only 8% of its sales are generated domestically, as the company operates in 70 countries and has subsidiaries in seven key markets. As Buff moves forward, its primary goal is to continue its expansion while preserving its brand identity and the legacy of its founder, Joan Rojas.

The brand was established in 1992 and initially sold its products in sports stores within the Igualada region of Barcelona. Over time, Buff gained recognition and saw a surge in distribution. By 2002, the company had grown to employ 40 individuals, achieved revenues of 5 million euros, and 60% of its sales were concentrated in Spain. It was during this period that David Camps, the current CEO, joined the company and spearheaded its transformation into a global brand. In the previous year, Buff concluded with sales of 52 million euros, maintaining a similar figure to 2019, which remained stable due to the high demand in 2020 when the company introduced a line of face masks.

Camps predicts a 10% growth in turnover for Buff this year, projecting a sum of around 55 million euros. Looking further ahead, the company aims to increase its annual production from 7 million to 10 million units. This growth in sales would result in a turnover of approximately 70-75 million euros anticipated between 2025 and 2026.

Currently, Buff operates across 70 countries, focusing primarily on seven key markets: the United States, Canada, the Iberian Peninsula, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and France. The company has recently regained control of its business in France and Italy, which were previously managed by local distributors. Buff intends to establish its own retail network in these markets.

Regarding production, Buff already manufactures 90% of its products at its plant in Igualada. However, by 2025, the company aims to produce all of its products at its headquarters and nearby facilities. To support this objective, Buff has recently completed construction on a 1,500-square-meter building, necessitating a 2 million euro investment.

Sustainability is a significant focus for Buff, with a target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2023 and obtain B Corp certification in the upcoming months. The company’s sustainability strategy, known as “Do More Now,” positions it as a complementary brand to aspirational brands such as Rapha. Buff actively appeals to a younger, digitally savvy, and environmentally conscious audience.

As Buff marks its 300th anniversary as a global brand, it maintains its commitment to growth, sustainability, and the preservation of its brand identity. With its emphasis on expansion in France and Italy, increasing production capacity, and embracing sustainability, Buff is well-positioned for continued success in the outdoor wear market.

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