In response to concerns raised by its staff about social distancing measures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, luxury brand Burberry has made the decision to close its warehouse in New Jersey, USA. This move comes after three workers at the facility tested positive for the virus. A memo was sent to employees confirming the indefinite closure of the warehouse, which usually employs around 300 people. Those working at the facility had expressed difficulties in maintaining social distancing protocols while on the job.

Burberry had previously taken steps to reorganize its workforce, ensuring that fewer than 50 employees were working per shift. Additionally, the company provided hand sanitizers, wipes, and surgical masks to help protect its workers. However, due to ongoing concerns and in light of the positive cases, Burberry decided to close the warehouse. Despite the closure, the company has promised to continue paying its employees their full wages directly.

To address any worries or concerns among its staff, Burberry has established a confidential hotline, allowing employees to share their thoughts and feelings during these challenging times. Additionally, any employee who feels uncomfortable is given the option to stay at home and receive full pay until further notice. This commitment to the well-being of its employees emphasizes Burberry’s dedication to ensuring the safety and health of its workforce. The company has also gone a step further by providing full pay to all 10,000 workers in its domestic UK market and abroad.

The closure of the New Jersey warehouse leaves Burberry without any other warehouses in the United States. As the Americas account for over a fifth of the company’s sales, customers in the region can expect longer delivery times due to the closure. However, Burberry has reassured its customers that it is still accepting and fulfilling orders, most likely by shipping products from its warehouses located in other regions.

It’s important to note that most clothing warehouses in the US have been able to continue operating as they have been classified as essential logistics operations. Therefore, the closure of Burberry’s New Jersey warehouse is a unique occurrence within the industry. The impact of this closure on Burberry’s overall operations will largely depend on the duration of the shutdown. In the meantime, the company is implementing all necessary measures to navigate through these uncertain times, with a focus on the safety and well-being of both its employees and customers.

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