Burberry, the renowned luxury brand, is undergoing significant changes to its product approach in order to further elevate its offerings and adapt to market demands. These changes include the establishment of three new business units and the hiring of a new chief for its ready-to-wear (RTW) division.

The primary goal behind these adjustments is to enhance Burberry’s overall product focus, allowing the brand to better respond to consumer needs and market trends. By pooling and leveraging the expertise within these newly formed business units, Burberry aims to strengthen the quality of its products and increase its agility in meeting customer demands.

Leading the RTW unit will be Adrian Ward-Rees, a former Burberry merchandising director who is returning to the company. Ward-Rees brings with him extensive experience in the luxury retail and apparel industry, having previously served as Senior VP and MD of Dior Homme at Christian Dior. His appointment as SVP, Head of Ready-to-Wear signifies Burberry’s commitment to bringing in top talent to lead its crucial divisions.

CEO Marco Gobbetti is confident that these changes will establish the right structures for Burberry as it enters the next phase of its strategy. He welcomes Ward-Rees back to the company and emphasizes the importance of embedding product specialization to enhance quality and agility. Gobbetti believes that these strategic moves will not only support Burberry’s current momentum but also position the brand for future success as markets recover.

This shift in product approach underlines a departure from the previous era of Christopher Bailey, who held both creative and CEO roles at Burberry. The focus now is on strong business practices, allowing the design team, led by Riccardo Tisci, to concentrate on their core functions with ample support from a robust business team.

Burberry’s decision to reorganize its product approach and establish dedicated business units showcases the brand’s dedication to improving product quality and flexibility in response to market demands. By harnessing the knowledge and skills of its team members, Burberry aims to strengthen its brand and position itself for success in the post-pandemic luxury market.

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