Bury Council, situated in the Greater Manchester region, has recently acquired the struggling Mill Gate shopping centre from InfraRed. The council’s main objective is to assume control of the centre’s future direction and prevent it from being sold to an income-focused investor who may prioritize short-term profits without reinvesting in the estate. To achieve this, the council has partnered with developer Bruntwood in a joint venture to revitalize the shopping complex.

The council’s plans for the Mill Gate shopping centre are ambitious and comprehensive. They intend to enhance the retail offerings by consolidating and diversifying them, creating a more attractive shopping experience for visitors. Additionally, the council aims to introduce new residential, leisure, office, and food and beverage spaces within the centre. By implementing these changes, Bury Council hopes to breathe new life into Mill Gate and make it a vibrant hub for both the community and visitors.

The redevelopment of Mill Gate aligns with other town center projects taking place in the area. One notable project is the construction of the new Metrolink station and transport interchange, which will improve accessibility and connectivity to the shopping centre. These initiatives reflect the council’s commitment to enhancing the overall infrastructure and amenities in the region.

InfraRed had purchased Mill Gate for £52 million back in 2014 and has since invested an additional £20 million in the centre. Despite these investments, the shopping centre has struggled financially. By taking ownership, Bury Council aims to inject new ideas, expertise, and resources to turn the centre around and ensure its long-term sustainability.

Notably, Bury Council’s decision to acquire and revamp Mill Gate follows a trend among other UK councils. Burnley, Nottingham, and Hull are among the local authorities that have undertaken similar redevelopment projects for their respective town centres. This indicates a growing recognition among councils of the importance of actively managing and revitalizing these commercial areas to meet the evolving needs and expectations of consumers.

Overall, Bury Council’s acquisition of the Mill Gate shopping centre represents a determined effort to secure its future success. By partnering with Bruntwood, they plan to implement a multi-faceted redevelopment strategy that will attract a diverse range of businesses and bring new vitality to the centre. With the support of other town center projects, such as the new Metrolink station, the future of Mill Gate looks promising.

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