Camaïeu, a well-known women’s fashion brand, has been acquired by men’s fashion chain Celio in an auction held on December 7, 2022. The auction took place following the judicial liquidation of Camaïeu, which was previously owned by HPB. Celio emerged as the winner of the bidding war with a final bid of 1.8 million euros, starting from an initial bid of 500,000 euros.

The auction attracted around ten bidders, and the online platform Interenchères estimated the value of Camaïeu’s brand portfolio to be between 1.5 and 2 million euros. Participants were required to provide a deposit of 50,000 euros to participate in the auction. With 674 points of sale, Celio, which recently underwent a safeguard procedure in 2021, will now have the opportunity to utilize and expand the Camaïeu brand.

Sébastien Bismuth, the president of Celio, has a successful track record of reviving fashion brands. In 2018, he relaunched the Jennyfer brand, which is now known as Don’t Call Me Jennyfer, with a group of investors. Alongside Marc and Laurent Grosman, historical shareholders of Celio, Bismuth aims to revitalize Camaïeu, an iconic French brand that holds a special place in the hearts of millions of women.

Bismuth expressed his excitement for the acquisition, stating, “Many of us regretted the disappearance of a brand we were attached to and which still has many assets. We are excited about the idea of giving Camaïeu a second life so that it can continue to write its history in women’s ready-to-wear.”

Apart from the brand name, various other items were sold in the auction, including clothing, accessories, yoga mats, water bottles, mannequins, and supplies such as boxes and paper reams. Some items, like coats, fetched high prices, with 4,200 pieces selling for 100,000 euros. The total amount paid for the stock reached nearly 810,000 euros.

However, the brand’s customer database, containing information on over four million people, was not included in the auction. The auctioneer decided to withdraw it due to potential breaches of personal data under the GDPR regulations. The French data protection authority, CNIL, emphasized the need for customer consent for data transfer.

Manufacture de Layette et de Tricots, overseen by Karine Renouil-Tiberghien and Arnaud de Belabre, expressed their interest in the Camaïeu name but were unsuccessful in their bid. Their aim was to showcase that a mass-market brand can produce all its collections in France. Pimkie and Blancheporte were also reported to be among the bidders.

As part of the liquidation process, the Camaïeu warehouse and headquarters will be evaluated for a sale scheduled later this month. Additionally, Noz, a destocking company, acquired 1.5 million Camaïeu-labeled items worth nearly 50 million euros (retail price) in early November for a total of 3.8 million euros.

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