The Cambridge Satchel Company, a renowned British handbag manufacturer, has recently secured funding from private equity firm Cassia Investments. This investment aims to fuel the company’s expansion plans, with a specific focus on tapping into the Asian market. Apart from providing financial support, Cassia Investments brings valuable expertise in the Asian market, having previously invested in successful luxury brands such as Shanghai Tang and Evisu.

Over the past four years, the Cambridge Satchel Company has faced financial losses. However, the brand recognizes the immense potential for growth in Asia and views it as a key area for their business expansion. To capitalize on this opportunity, the company has already established a robust business network in China and has even launched a dedicated website specifically catering to the Chinese market.

Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has caused major disruptions in Asian markets, including China. The measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus have significantly impacted consumer spending and resulted in a decline in luxury brand sales. Despite this temporary setback, experts project that Asia will continue to be the largest growth market for luxury goods once the crisis subsides.

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