Camper, the renowned Spanish footwear company, has teamed up with trail running icon Kilian Jornet to introduce a fresh, outdoor sportswear brand known as Nnormal. After a remarkable 15-year collaboration with Salomon, Jornet, a three-time Ultratrail du Mont-Blanc race champion, has embarked on this exciting venture. Nnormal is dedicated to offering technically advanced products with a minimal environmental impact.

To generate anticipation for the launch of Nnormal, a captivating short film showcasing Jornet’s life in Norway has been released. In the video, Jornet emphasizes the brand’s core values of sustainability and environmentally conscious practices. He explains that Nnormal represents a new mindset and approach towards outdoor activities, rather than an outright revolution. The brand’s primary focus lies in developing long-lasting products that utilize diverse materials and explore innovative designs.

Initially, Nnormal will have a limited range of products for its first season; however, the brand has plans for expansion, including the introduction of clothing, accessories, and footwear. Camper’s expertise in footwear design and production gives Nnormal a significant advantage in the competitive sporting goods market.

Miquel Fluxa, the CEO of Camper, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership with Jornet and their shared vision for the brand. Fluxa believes that their combined expertise in product development, environmental consciousness, innovation, and design will contribute to the success of Nnormal.

In an effort to build a community of loyal followers even prior to its official launch, Nnormal will have Jornet proudly wearing the brand’s products at trail races, including the highly anticipated UTMB race in August. Jornet’s substantial social media presence, boasting 1.3 million followers on Instagram, will also play a crucial role in increasing brand awareness.

Camper experienced a remarkable 22% increase in sales, reaching €146 million in 2021. This outstanding performance sets the stage for the launch of Nnormal and the promising growth of the brand within the sportswear market.

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