Sexual compatibility and intimacy

Some might think that Taurus and Cancer are two of the most asexual signs in the entire zodiac. This is an instinctive assumption based on the fact that both Signs don’t care much about Mars, meaning they don’t care about instinctive sex. They probably would never want to have sex just for the fun of it, but that doesn’t mean they’re asexual anyway.


When Taurus and Cancer fall in love, they base their entire relationship on their partner’s feeling. There isn’t much that can be hidden from this sensitive sixth sense that these two can share when they connect. It would take a long time to break their trust and that would definitely mean the end of their relationship. In most situations, none of them need to cheat on their partner, because their goal is the same: love, family and home.

Communication and intellect

They share many different interests and will easily talk about their relationship. None of these signs speak much, but they are perfectly capable of understanding the silence of the other and giving each word a lot of meaning. Their most common topics include love, home and children, except when they feel unprepared or when they are too young. It’s important to understand that these aren’t the only issues on their minds, though. Whatever their current interests, they will communicate it slowly and sensitively, bringing a conversation to a point of deep mutual understanding.


Taurus and Cancer are the rulers of the entire hot, earthly emotional world. It is not only due to their sensitivity, but the combination of their emotional expression is something almost unimaginable. While the Cancer feels, senses and cares for their Taurus partner in the emotional realm, the Taurus will return love through the physical tenderness, material security, and the gentle touch of practical sense that the Cancer needs. When this cycle is repeated over and over, their love feels like a chain reaction that will never stop growing.


Above all, they both appreciate life and peace. Since the Moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer and exalted in Taurus, they both deeply appreciate all the things the Moon represents: family, compassion, understanding and happiness.

Shared activities

We could say they might share every single activity that any of them think of, but this isn’t often called an activity. Most of the time and especially if both of them have demanding jobs, they will simply share the activity of sleeping, eating, or doing nothing. It is not a question of laziness, but rather of an exaggerated need for the pleasure of rest. When shared, it seems to multiply and grow beyond their rational minds.

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