Capri Holdings, the parent company of luxury brands Versace, Jimmy Choo, and Michael Kors, has reported impressive financial results driven by the brands’ emphasis on glamour, strong branding, and athleisure offerings. According to the company’s chief, John D Idol, these factors, combined with the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, have resonated with consumers worldwide.

Idol highlighted that all three labels have experienced growth, attracting an impressive 11 million new customers to their databases in the past year. Despite facing inventory constraints, consumer demand for these brands has remained robust, particularly in regions like the Americas, where social gatherings have resumed.

When examining the individual performance of each brand, it is clear that Versace has delivered exceptional results, with a remarkable 45% increase in revenue. Idol attributes this success to Donatella Versace’s bold and fearless design vision, as well as the brand’s unapologetic glamour. Accessories and footwear sales for women have experienced strong double-digit growth, and the men’s and women’s ready-to-wear categories have also performed well. Looking ahead, the company aims to position Versace as a leading luxury leather house and hopes to expand its accessories revenue to $1 billion in the future. The introduction of the La Greca pattern has also bolstered the brand’s Signature branding across all product categories.

Jimmy Choo’s results have surpassed expectations, with a revenue increase of 12%. The brand’s core focus on glamour, inspired by Sandra Choi’s design vision, has driven sales in both bags and footwear. Jimmy Choo has witnessed a surge in demand for rich seasonal colors, luxurious textiles, and embellished styles in both formal and casual footwear categories.

Meanwhile, Michael Kors has experienced an impressive 11% revenue growth, capitalizing on the popularity of its Signature range and the success of its MKGO daywear-to-athleisure offering. The strong branding of the Signature collection has been instrumental in driving revenue growth globally. The company has plans to expand the presence of its Signature line to 50% across all product categories. Michael Kors’ MKGO line has received positive feedback from consumers and has attracted new and younger customers through its innovative products and comprehensive marketing strategy. The brand sees a lucrative opportunity to generate an additional $250 million in revenue with MKGO, without cannibalizing its existing businesses.

In conclusion, Capri Holdings’ success with its luxury brands can be attributed to their ability to connect with consumers through glamour, strong branding, and athleisure offerings. The company remains optimistic about future growth and is focused on expanding its accessories revenue, strengthening Signature branding efforts, and tapping into new market segments.

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