niood provides a complete and ultimate guide on the Capricorn Zodiac Sign:

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Quality: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Root Power: Initiating practical applications
Positive Traits: Disciplined, ambitious, determined, organized, efficient
Negative Traits: Egotistical, domineering, unforgiving, condescending, snobbish
Good Day: Responsible, resourceful, loyal, good managers, tenacious, wise, family minded, hardworking, devoted, honest, fearless
Bad Day: Dictatorial, inhibited, distrusting, conceited, expect the worst, exhausted, pessimistic, materialistic
Turn offs: People who discourage them or shut down their ideas
Seduction approach: Bedroom safety to enjoy deepest desires

Lucky Color: Steel
Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22
Lucky Day: Saturday
Flower: Carnation
Stone: Amber, Onyx
Season: Winter
Basic Trait: “I use”
Quirk: Can be surprisingly superficial without realizing it
Advice: Be flexible and appreciate what you have, do not forget to value friends and family
Life Pursuit: To be proud of achievements
Secret Wish: To have every need taken care of
Known For: Traditional, hardworking, steely grit achiever

Capricorns tend to be very goal orientated and are one of the most self-disciplined zodiac signs. Some of the best scientists, politicians, leaders, and teachers in the world have Capricorn in their chart; unsurprising given their drive to succeed.

Some big stars who have this goal-orientated zodiac sign include Kit Harington, Jared Leto, Hayley Williams, Timothée Chalamet, John Legend, Denzel Washington, LeBron James, Diane Keaton, Bradley Cooper, Kate Middleton, Nina Dobrev, Zayn Malik, Kate Moss, Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton

The Character of Capricorn

Those born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn are diligent, hard-working, calm people; this tends to go along with their drive to succeed and their innate ability to analyze things with a cool head.

The extreme rigor, perseverance, thoughtfulness, patience and coolness of the natives of Capricorn make it the most reflective sign of the zodiac: it embodies the paternal image, stability and authority. Its projects, before being launched, are verified, analyzed and calculated, and only after being followed step by step until their realization.

For Capricorn, the time factor is secondary. Stoic in difficulties, not easily influenced but fair and objective, it is basically a very solitary sign, unlike Sagittarius, another winter zodiac sign that is always in search of new adventures and new companies.

The Profile Of The Capricorn Woman

Although it may not be noticed at first glance, the Capricorn woman needs a lot of affection to feel good about her head. Her displayed confidence and the distance she puts around her send a message that can isolate her, and does not correspond entirely to her. Deep down, the Capricorn woman is certainly modest, but more timid than haughty. She has difficulty feeling comfortable and will have a hard time offering her trust in anyone. The native rarely confides in her feelings and doesn’t really like listening to those of others.

She is demanding with those around her and doesn’t hesitate to let some pressure build up around her, which greatly unsettles those around her, especially at first. She enjoys being a decision maker, and has a great analytical sense, which makes her a tough competitor at work. Besides, no one takes her lightly, professionally, she commands respect and never lets herself go. She knows perfectly well the difference between her professional life and her private life, which gives her a considerable advantage and an undeniable strength in front of those around her.

The Profile Of The Capricorn Man

What characterizes the Capricorn man best is his serious and distinguished demeanor. Indeed, the native is not the type to laugh at the slightest joke. He seems to carry a heavy responsibility on his shoulders. He is disciplined, honest and respectful of conventions. His way of thinking is turned towards the idea of ​​passing on his possessions. He seeks to preserve his wealth and possessions for future generations. His pragmatic spirit sometimes provokes some criticism. Sometimes you can blame the Capricorn man for not dreaming enough, not laughing and being external.

He is also not the most tender sign of the zodiac. What he offers his family is security, and that goes for him with all the affection in the world. The Capricorn man has incredible powers of concentration, he is an efficient worker, extremely rigorous and persevering. But he must choose an area far from the human aspect which he does not always master very well and which he is very suspicious of. Maybe finance, accounting or administration. He is organized and leaves nothing to chance, he likes to set specific goals and hates wasting his time.

Love and Sex

Under a sometimes cold and detached aspect there is a fervent sensuality waiting to be solicited by a valued lover. The foreplay is not part of his ways, even in bed the practical side of the Earth sign comes out, Capricorn does not need what he considers superfluous.

The important thing is to have a serene sentimental situation, since love and sex go hand in hand for Capricorn. He is an assiduous, passionate and loyal lover, who will make the person who shares his bedroom spend magical moments.


Coldness, confidence, concentration, organization: Capricorn seems to mirror the profile of a researcher or analyst. And how could it not be! These are all qualities that belong to those who know that his work is fundamental to the success of a project or a discovery. The successes for Capricorn are daily bread, let alone if they are their own creation. The IT field can also offer great satisfaction to Capricorn: there is nothing better than a constantly expanding sector, to stimulate this sign’s need for challenges.


Driven, patient, strategic, determined, disciplined, reliable, responsible and persistent


Pessimistic, greedy, cynical, fearful, ruthless in achieving a goal, rigid, and miserly

Best compatibility

Taurus: The relationship between Taurus and Capricorn is one of the most successful and faithful. They are very profound signs and even if they like to protect their heart from attacks by others, in reality as a couple they know how to find an out of the ordinary harmony that gives them a strong charge of optimism and positivity towards life. Optimism that the bull knows how to convey to Capricorn.

Virgo: Together they form a wonderful union. They are both earth signs and therefore compatibility is guaranteed. They love relationship security and sincerity.

Scorpio: Very attuned to Scorpio, Capricorn can be drawn to the mystery that this sign arouses. Although initially this veiled mystery represents for the Capricorn a reason for disinterest and anger, in the long run things will get better and better, because once he digs deep, Virgo will be able to realize how many things she shares with the scorpio.

Capricorn: Who better than a Capricorn understands a Capricorn? Well, no one else. Because even if it might seem strange, a Capricorn will know how to treat a partner of the same sign, they introject his way of thinking about the partner. The oppositions that will arise between them, therefore, will all be very surmountable.

Worst compatibility

Capricorn is less compatible with Aries and Libra and its opposite sign is Cancer. Capricorn is slow and steady. With Aries, it’s all about quick impulses and decisions to get hasty results and that goes against his nature. Capricorn has a hard time controlling Libra. These two signs are very different. Capricorns are reserved and don’t express their feelings easily. Cancer is very emotional and demonstrative. Bad combination in most cases.