Carlyle, the investment fund that currently owns a 100% stake in Italian ready-to-wear label Twinset, is actively seeking a buyer for the brand. The decision to divest from Twinset comes as Carlyle aims to navigate the challenging circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, Carlyle enlisted the help of JP Morgan to find an investor interested in purchasing the brand, but the process was put on hold due to the global health crisis. Now, Carlyle has turned to Rothschild, a leading global financial advisory firm, to explore potential strategic options for Twinset.

Twinset, founded in Carpi, near Modena, in 1990 by Tiziano Sgarbi and Simona Barbieri, benefited greatly from Carlyle acquiring a 72% stake in 2012. This allowed the brand to accelerate its international expansion and experience significant growth. In 2018, Twinset reported a revenue of €235 million, which slightly dropped to €227.3 million the following year. However, the Covid-19 pandemic had a major impact on the brand’s sales, resulting in a significant decline in revenue to €140 million in 2020.

The challenging circumstances and declining revenue have prompted Carlyle to make the decision to seek a buyer for Twinset. However, the pandemic has complicated the divestment process. To navigate the uncertainty and identify potential opportunities, Rothschild has been appointed to assess the market and explore potential buyers for the brand. At this time, there is no set timeline for the operation, but Rothschild will begin the process of finding potential buyers.

Twinset eagerly awaits Rothschild’s findings and the decisions that Carlyle will make based on those findings. The future of the brand remains uncertain, but with Rothschild’s expertise and experience in the industry, Twinset hopes to secure a buyer that will continue to support its growth and success. As the fashion industry continues to recover from the impact of the pandemic, Twinset looks to this partnership to ensure a prosperous future. Only time will tell what lies ahead for this beloved Italian fashion label.

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