Castore, the rapidly growing activewear brand, has recently announced a new partnership with Ultimate Performance (UP), a prominent personal training company. Under this exclusive kit deal, Castore will supply training apparel from its latest collection to UP’s team of personal trainers and staff across 20 private personal training gyms in nine countries. The range of items offered will cater to both men and women, including a quarter zip top, polo, track pants, and leggings.

Castore has expressed the belief that using the right training gear and collaborating with experts is essential for maximizing results. They consider UP, recognized as the world’s only global personal training company, to be the ideal partner for this purpose.

This collaboration adds to Castore’s list of achievements, as the brand has experienced significant growth in recent years and boasts the support of tennis superstar Andy Murray. Tom Beahon, the founder of Castore, highlighted the shared values between the two brands, emphasizing their joint goal of helping individuals reach their full potential.

Ultimate Performance, led by its founder and global CEO Nick Mitchell, places a strong emphasis on excellence in their operations. They believe that delivering exceptional results for their clients requires attention to detail and the use of top-quality trainers, facilities, and equipment. UP recognized Castore’s reputation for working with world-class athletes and deemed them the perfect fit as training wear partners for their elite personal training team.

This partnership between Castore and UP highlights the brand’s dedication to providing high-quality performance apparel and aligning with like-minded organizations within the fitness industry. As Castore continues to expand, collaborations such as this will only strengthen its position as a leading activewear brand.

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