Caviar Kaspia, the renowned Parisian haute dining establishment, has made a bold move into the world of fashion by launching its signature cashmere knitwear collection and introducing couture-worthy alpine skis. To commemorate these new offerings, the CEO of Caviar Kaspia, Ramon MacCrohon, organized a special event where shots of Caviar Kaspia vodka were served in tiny potholes of the brand’s latest ski model, the Bomber Pro Carve. With his characteristic energy and enthusiasm, MacCrohon has even bigger plans for Caviar Kaspia, as it prepares to collaborate with Milanese seafood restaurant Langosteria in Saint Moritz on January 21. The chosen location, Chesa Chantarella, is popular for its breathtaking mountain views, making it the perfect setting for an extraordinary high-altitude dining experience.

MacCrohon and his wife took great pride in showcasing the new cashmere hoodies, announcing that any caviar ordered at Langosteria Saint Moritz would be served in the impeccable style synonymous with Caviar Kaspia. These beautiful hoodies and crewnecks, made in Italy from luxurious cashmere, are available in an array of colors, including pale gray, powder blue, pink, navy blue, and caviar black. Each piece prominently features the restaurant’s CK logo, depicting a leaping sturgeon within a circle. These exquisite cashmere creations are now a permanent addition to Caviar Kaspia’s collection and can be purchased on the brand’s website.

Established in 1927, Caviar Kaspia is an adored Parisian institution situated in the heart of Place de la Madeleine. Over the years, it has become a favored rendezvous spot for fashion-forward individuals, celebrities, and tastemakers who indulge in the finest Beluga, Ossetra, and Baeri caviar while enveloped in an atmosphere of understated elegance, including opulent carpets, plush textiles, and captivating winter landscape paintings. Recognized as Paris’ ultimate fashion canteen, Caviar Kaspia has grown into an international brand, with many of its patrons also frequenting The Ritz, which recently collaborated with hipster brand Frame to create a ready-to-wear collection.

Ramon MacCrohon has been actively broadening Caviar Kaspia’s presence by expanding into different locations. Alongside the iconic Paris flagship, he has opened a patio-style restaurant in Los Angeles and debuted a limited-edition bag in collaboration with esteemed Italian couturier Giambattista Valli. He has also planned openings in Mayfair, London, and New York, as well as future locations in Courchevel, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, and Riyadh. MacCrohon envisions Caviar Kaspia as more than just a restaurant or a shop; it’s a lifestyle brand that fosters a sense of community among individuals with refined tastes.

Continuing its exploration into the alpine world, Caviar Kaspia will now provide its customers with the opportunity to hit the slopes in style with its own line of skis. Developed in partnership with Bomber, a prestigious Italian ski manufacturer, these skis boast Viking long-boat designs and are constructed using a racing construction technique for optimal piste skiing. However, luxury comes at a price, as a pair of these skis adorned with the Caviar Kaspia branding costs €3,100.

In summary, Caviar Kaspia’s expansion into the fashion industry represents the epitome of high-end indulgence, appealing to a sophisticated and stylish clientele. With its distinctive sturgeon logo cashmere and luxurious dining experiences, Caviar Kaspia aims to establish a sense of exclusivity and refinement. Ramon MacCrohon’s vision for the brand extends beyond the boundaries of a traditional restaurant, transforming it into a lifestyle destination that caters to individuals seeking the ultimate in luxury and taste.

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