Celebrity tie-ups have been proven to be a highly effective strategy for boosting sales, as revealed by Lucy Litwack, CEO and owner of luxury lingerie brand Coco de Mer. Litwack shared that a collaboration with supermodel Helena Christensen resulted in a remarkable 50% increase in sales, significantly enhancing the brand’s presence globally.

What sets Coco de Mer’s celebrity partnerships apart from traditional endorsements is the deep involvement of the celebrities themselves. In the case of Helena Christensen, she not only became the face of the brand but also took on the role of photographer for a new campaign featuring Coco de Mer ambassador Charli Howard. Litwack explained that the collaboration aimed to showcase female empowerment and symbolize the passing of the torch between two influential women.

This collaboration with Christensen is just one example of Coco de Mer’s high-profile partnerships with celebrities and esteemed institutions. The brand has previously collaborated with notable figures such as Pamela Anderson, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Playboy, and Sotheby’s auction house. These partnerships have played a crucial role in driving the growth and profitability of Coco de Mer.

Over the past three years, Coco de Mer’s online sales have soared by an impressive 50%, while the brand’s wholesale division has experienced a remarkable fivefold increase. Moreover, the brand has witnessed a significant 45% rise in international stockists. Notably, Coco de Mer generates half of its sales through its website and the other half through esteemed wholesale accounts, including renowned department store Selfridges.

In line with its digital-first strategy, Coco de Mer recently moved its head office from Seven Dials in Covent Garden to Primrose Hill, North London. The new space serves as a centralized hub for wholesale operations, VIP appointments, and personalized fittings. This move demonstrates the brand’s dedication to adapting to the ever-evolving retail landscape and meeting the demands of its global customer base.

By focusing on collaborations, innovation, and online growth, Coco de Mer continues to make a splash in the luxury lingerie market. Harnessing the power of celebrity partnerships has enabled the brand to connect with a broader audience and drive sales to new heights.

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