Centric Brands and Coach have recently announced an expanded partnership that is set to take their collaboration to new heights. Under this agreement, Centric Brands will become the exclusive license partner responsible for designing, manufacturing, and distributing women’s costume jewelry for Coach. What initially began in 2015 as a collaboration focused on creating costume jewelry for Coach outlet stores has now grown to encompass Coach retail stores as well.

The expanded partnership establishes Centric Brands as the primary source for Coach’s costume jewelry worldwide, catering to various channels such as wholesale, retail, outlet, and e-commerce. Together, Centric Brands and Coach will bring to life a collection that embodies the essence of Coach, featuring the iconic C’s for the signature logo, as well as seasonal products like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

To kick off this exciting collaboration, the collection will initially be available at 300 doors for Fall/Holiday 2021, including Coach.com and Coach’s retail and outlet locations. Jason Rabin, CEO of Centric Brands, expressed great enthusiasm about the opportunity to scale up their successful jewelry business with Coach. This aligns perfectly with Centric’s strategic approach of adding value through iconic brands and exceptional products.

Todd Kahn, CEO and brand president of Coach, shares Rabin’s excitement and looks forward to further strengthening the collaborative relationship both companies have built over the past six years. Together, they aim to continue producing compelling and beautiful products.

This expanded partnership truly highlights the respective strengths of Centric Brands and Coach. Centric Brands brings their expertise in design, manufacturing, and distribution to the table, while Coach’s reputation as a leading luxury brand adds a touch of prestige. With a shared vision for creating high-quality jewelry that captures the spirit of Coach, this collaboration is all set to bring exciting and fashionable accessories to a global audience.

For more information on Centric Brands and their collections, visit their official website here. To explore Coach’s range of luxury products, including their jewelry line, visit their official website here.