Chanel, the renowned luxury fashion house, has expanded its leather supply chain with the acquisition of Italian tannery Gaiera Giovanni. This move follows Chanel’s purchase of printed and embossed leather specialist Samanta last year. Gaiera Giovanni has been a trusted supplier of high-quality smooth and soft leather to Chanel for over ten years.

While the details of the transaction remain undisclosed, Chanel has confirmed that it has merged with Gaiera Giovanni to ensure the long-term stability and growth of the company, as well as to strengthen its presence in the luxury industry. Founded in 1946 near Milan, Gaiera Giovanni specializes in processing and treating kid, lamb, and calfskin. The tannery has been collaborating with couture houses since the 1990s. Chanel has made it clear that it intends to continue working with all its clients, as part of its strategic approach to such acquisitions.

Chanel’s investment in the leather industry has been on the rise since the company announced in late 2018 that it would no longer use exotic skins in its collections due to difficulties in guaranteeing an ethical supply chain. Alongside the acquisition of Gaiera Giovanni, the luxury brand has made significant investments in France’s Haas tanneries, Spain’s Colomer Leather Group, and Italy’s Samanta. Additionally, between 2013 and 2016, they acquired two French lambskin tanneries. These acquisitions are integral to Chanel’s strategy of establishing a secure and responsible leather supply chain for its operations.

In July, Chanel also acquired novelty yarn manufacturer Vimar 1991 in Italy. This company has been integrated into Paraffection, a Chanel subsidiary overseeing various artisanal workshops.

These investments and acquisitions in the leather industry highlight Chanel’s unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical practices while ensuring a consistent supply chain for its leather products. By taking control of crucial elements of its internal infrastructure, the luxury fashion house can uphold the exceptional quality and craftsmanship synonymous with its brand.

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