Charlotte Tilbury, the beauty brand owned by Puig, has experienced a highly successful year in 2022, with impressive sales and profits. The company’s annual results reveal a 38% increase in turnover, totaling £310.3 million, along with a 30.6% rise in pre-tax profit, reaching £10.5 million. Additionally, the company’s EBITDA saw a significant boost of 29.1%, amounting to £11.7 million.

It is important to note that these figures solely reflect the performance of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited, as consolidated financial statements have not been published. However, these results are indicative of a positive trend in the brand’s overall global performance.

The growth in turnover can be attributed to Charlotte Tilbury Beauty’s exceptional performance in both the UK and international markets, specifically in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. The brand has successfully utilized a combination of physical and online sales channels to expand its reach. This achievement is underscored by the brand’s exceptional product offerings, particularly in the categories of complexion, color, and skincare. Notably, the launch of the Beautiful Skin product franchise, featuring foundation, concealer, and bronzer, has played a pivotal role in the company’s success.

Furthermore, the established powerhouse product franchises of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty, such as Magic Cream, Airbrush Flawless Finish, and Pillow Talk, have also made significant contributions to the brand’s strong performance. The company focused on bolstering its brand authority and awareness through collaborations with celebrities, major media campaigns, and takeover events, particularly during festive periods like Eid and Lunar New Year.

In recognition of the growing importance of digital platforms, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty has prioritized its digital presence. The brand introduced features like Foundation Finder to assist online shoppers in finding their ideal color match. Additionally, the company launched shoppable masterclasses, virtual consultations, and even created a metaverse virtual store, enhancing the brand’s digital experience for consumers.

As the business expanded, the number of employees also grew, increasing from 576 at the end of 2021 to 706 by December 2022. This expansion demonstrates the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of its expanding customer base.

Overall, Charlotte Tilbury’s outstanding performance in 2022 can be attributed to its successful product launches, established franchises, brand-building efforts, and strategic focus on digital innovation. With a solid foundation and an increasing global presence, Charlotte Tilbury is well-positioned for continued success in the beauty industry.

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