The 70s trend is all over the Instagram.
Summer 2021 is approaching and Check Prints are coming into force big time.
The Post-lockdown mood is going to be colorful and Check Prints are resulting from it.

That’s all we need for this Summer, from tops to trousers to swimwear, check prints will be everywhere.

Many niche brands such as Paloma Wool and Sandy Liang have been promoting these 70s style trend before being followed by common high-street brands such as Urban Outfitters and The Ragged Priest.

Check Prints have been widely seen on Instagram such as Camille Charrière and Lucia Cuesta.

niood is pretty sure that the check print trend is going to go crazy this Summer with brands such as Frankies Bikinis which are already getting much attention and selling fast after the vintage styling Queen, Matilda Djerf, started wearing it (see below).

Here’s our niood selection of the nicest Check Prints to wear in 2021:

Whether it’s tops, trousers or swimsuits, check prints are all around and are very likely to be very popular, especially during this Summer 2021. niood curates and lists you the most trendy check print items to buy and wear.