Luxury footwear and accessories brand Christian Louboutin is expanding its product offerings with the launch of a new category called LoubiFamily. This unique collection is set to cater to the entire family, including pets, and will feature a range of items for adults, kids, and furry friends.

The highlight of the LoubiFamily category is the presence of three cartoon superheroes – Superloubi, Wonderloubi, and Pilou the Lemur. These beloved characters are featured on three different models of sneakers. The Super Loubi sneaker for kids, inspired by the popular Fun Louis sneakers, will be available in the classic Loubi red and the vibrant Comics print.

In addition to the superhero-themed sneakers, the collection will also include the Melodie Chick ballet pump. This stylish shoe features the signature cut-out topline of the Hot Chick shoe. For the junior fashionistas, there will be the Melodie Strass, which is a mini version of the Maison’s Follies Strass pump, available in a variety of colors and fabrics. To complete the collection, there will be a Maxi Me & Mini Me capsule, featuring kids’ shoes designed for adults.

For pet owners, Christian Louboutin has crafted a selection of chic collars, leashes, and harnesses for dogs. These accessories will feature the brand’s signature Caraspikes or ‘Louboutin’ engraved Loubi red rubber detailing. Additionally, there will be a dog toy in the shape of the iconic spiked sneakers and a pet waste bag purse available for furry friends.

To bring the LoubiFamily category to life, Christian Louboutin will debut a unique store concept in London, New York, and Shanghai, as well as online. The family-focused offerings will also be available at the brand’s Paris flagship store, expected to open in 2023.

Christian Louboutin shared that the inspiration for LoubiFamily came during the lockdown. The designer had the rare opportunity to spend several months with his closest friends, daughters, and their dog. This experience sparked his imagination and led him to explore the idea of embracing childhood for adults and adulthood for children. Louboutin wanted to create a collection that incorporates playful fabrics, vibrant colors, and intricate details for the entire family to enjoy.

The launch of the LoubiFamily category is highly anticipated by Christian Louboutin fans worldwide. With its distinctive universe, featuring cartoon superheroes and vibrant colors, along with its range of products for all family members (including pets), LoubiFamily is sure to be a hit among fashion enthusiasts and pet lovers alike. Stay tuned for the official launch of this exciting new category from Christian Louboutin.

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