City Chic Collective, a publicly listed Australian company, has recently acquired the German-based plus-size label Navabi. This acquisition comes on the heels of City Chic’s purchase of the British plus-size brand Evans just eight months ago. Navabi, a twelve-year-old online marketplace retailer, generated €10.4 million in revenues in the previous year. City Chic paid €6 million (A$9.6 million) to acquire Navabi from its founders, Zahir Dehnadi and Bahman Nedaei.

The move to acquire Navabi is part of City Chic’s strategy to expand its presence in Europe. Similar to Evans, Navabi faced challenges during the pandemic, including lower customer traffic. In 2020, their customer base dropped from 10 million to 5.8 million. Nonetheless, City Chic sees great potential in the European market and believes that this acquisition will provide them with a strong foothold in the €40 billion European plus-size market. CEO Phil Ryan expressed excitement about the purchase, stating that it aligns with their vision to become a leader in the world of curves.

City Chic Collective operates as an online marketplace, selling both third-party labels and their own brands. With the acquisition of Navabi, they aim to expand their European footprint and tap into the growing plus-size market. The acquisition of both Evans and Navabi now positions City Chic as a significant player in the plus-size fashion industry, with a substantial presence in both the UK and continental Europe.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Navabi, as the label transitions under new ownership. While the founders will no longer be involved in its development, City Chic Collective will take on the responsibility of driving its growth and development. With their experience and resources, City Chic has the potential to revitalize Navabi and establish it as a leading brand in the European plus-size market.

The fashion industry has witnessed a shift towards inclusivity and body positivity in recent years, with consumers demanding more options for different body types. Plus-size fashion has emerged as a lucrative market, and City Chic Collective recognizes the potential for growth in this segment. Through the acquisition of Navabi, they are strategically expanding their portfolio and strengthening their position in the plus-size fashion market.

City Chic’s acquisition of Navabi showcases their ambitious growth strategy. They are actively seeking opportunities to expand their reach and diversify their offerings. With the successful acquisitions of Evans and Navabi, City Chic is well-positioned to dominate the European plus-size market. By investing in their own brands and acquiring established labels, City Chic is solidifying their status as a leader in the world of curves. The collaboration between City Chic Collective and Navabi presents a promising future as they capitalize on the growing demand for plus-size fashion in Europe.

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