Fashion brand SMCP recently presented its five-year plan to investors, outlining its objectives for its four labels: Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, and De Fursac. Claudie Pierlot, an important label within SMCP’s portfolio, is focusing on “regeneration” as its key goal. With a revenue of €129.5 million and 250 stores, the brand aims to establish itself further in the market.

However, in the third quarter of 2020, Claudie Pierlot and De Fursac experienced a decline in revenue of 15.4% on a like-for-like basis, generating €33.4 million. In comparison, Sandro generated €116.2 million, and Maje’s revenue was €98.8 million. To boost sales, Claudie Pierlot has identified the need to attract a new customer base, as the brand is currently perceived as stagnant and predominantly appeals to mature customers. Its target audience now includes urban consumers aged 25 to 45, as well as digital natives aged 15 to 25. Additionally, the brand is focusing on Chinese consumers aged 18 to 35.

In order to achieve its regeneration, Claudie Pierlot is building a new brand platform that highlights its heritage and unique style. The brand aims to emphasize boldness, colors, and a love for traveling in its collections, which will feature timeless items with a fashionable twist. To improve profitability, the number of items per season has been reduced, and capsule collections, new products, and collaborations will be introduced to create brand loyalty.

To appeal to a wider range of women, Claudie Pierlot plans to broaden its size chart and increase the availability of colors and materials for its best-selling items. The brand will also pay more attention to accessories as a means of attracting younger consumers. Sustainability is another focus, with the brand aiming to make 80% of its items eco-sustainable by 2025. This includes the introduction of a clothes rental service and the sale of pre-owned items.

E-commerce plays a significant role in Claudie Pierlot’s strategy, currently accounting for 18% of its sales. The brand plans to double this proportion in the next five years. It is also increasing its investment in the Chinese market and Asia as a whole. In 2021, Claudie Pierlot will launch on the Shanghai e-commerce app, Little Red Book, and introduce an e-shop based in Hong Kong to cater to the rest of Asia. The brand also has plans to open new physical stores, including a concept store in the Shanghai Grand Gateway mall in 2021 and its first shop in Taiwan in 2022. From 2023 to 2025, Claudie Pierlot aims to expand its physical store network in China and Asia, with a focus on premium locations. The brand will allocate 20% of its marketing budget to the Chinese market and aims to generate 10% of its global sales in China by 2025.

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