A factory located in Nottingham, UK that produces beauty products for popular health and beauty retailer, Boots, is facing the possibility of closure, which could jeopardize the jobs of hundreds of workers. Owned by Fareva, a prominent French manufacturer and a leading subcontractor in the international beauty industry, the factory is responsible for producing Boots’ highly sought-after No7 line of products. The BusinessDesk reports that Fareva has initiated discussions with staff regarding the future of its Beeston plant.

While it appears that the factory’s closure is imminent, Fareva has reassured workers that production will continue at the site until next year, and no jobs will be lost until 2024. In an attempt to accommodate affected employees, the company has formulated a plan to shift production to its other facility in Wales, which would also generate 150 new job opportunities. Fareva has stated that it will prioritize employing workers from Nottingham, although the company acknowledges that relocation may not be a feasible option for many individuals.

As a global operation, Fareva has highlighted several challenges that have contributed to the potential closure of the Nottingham factory. The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent political unrest in Europe have significantly affected the company. Additionally, Fareva has cited a decrease in production volumes due to some customers opting to bring their production in-house, resulting in reduced business levels compared to before the pandemic.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the closure of the factory, Boots has experienced a resurgence in recent times, bouncing back from a challenging period a few years ago. However, the retailer still intends to close hundreds of stores, in addition to the several hundred closures it has already implemented.

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