Fashion Inspired by Available Materials

With two successful sold-out drops already, Coach aims to make its mark in the world of sustainable luxury with the introduction of Coachtopia. This innovative brand, launched last month, is committed to using only recycled, reused, or renewable materials.

Coachtopia ensures that its leather goods are made with a minimum of 50% production offcuts from Coach or sourced from partner recycling centers. As for their t-shirts and hoodies, the brand promises a composition consisting of 95% recycled cotton, while their canvas bags are designed to incorporate 100% recycled polyester.

What sets Coachtopia apart is its emphasis on easy deconstruction, repair, and remodeling. By incorporating removable parts, the brand enables customers to extend the lifespan of their products. To ensure traceability, each item is equipped with an NFC chip, allowing customers to exchange their Coachtopia products for store credit at any Coach boutique, regardless of the product’s age or condition.

Unleashing Creativity through Collaboration

Joon Silverstein, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Creative & Sustainability at Coach and now leading Coachtopia, believes that circularity involves reimagining not only the product lifecycle but also the relationship between the brand, the environment, and the consumer. To foster a more open-source approach to creativity, Coach has established its own community on the messaging platform Slack, bringing together a diverse group of Gen Z individuals. Climate activists, designers, entrepreneurs, journalists, filmmakers, and consumers are all part of this Coachtopia community, contributing their ideas and insights to shape the brand’s collections and campaigns.

From Coach (Re)Loved to Coachtopia

The launch of Coachtopia follows Coach’s recent investments in sustainability, including (Re)Loved, a dedicated program aimed at repurposing the brand’s bags. After facing criticism for destroying unsold inventory, Coach took action by implementing the Coach (Re)Loved Craftsperson program, which focuses on repairing used items, upcycling, and recycling. This initiative shed light on the challenges inherent in traditional craftsmanship and reinforced the brand’s commitment to integrating circularity into the design process from the outset.

Initially available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Coachtopia, with its online presence and dedicated retail concepts, has plans to expand its reach to Asia by the end of the year. Coach’s commitment to sustainability and circular practices continues to drive its efforts in creating a more responsible and inclusive luxury brand.