Australian singer and swimmer, Cody Simpson, is venturing into the fashion industry with the launch of his own sustainable clothing line. In collaboration with fashion agency Slyletica, Simpson is gearing up to release ‘Prince Neptune: The Label’ in August. This eco-friendly collection will feature 11 unisex loungewear essentials and will be exclusively available at Myer in Australia. Taking inspiration from Simpson’s laid-back aesthetic that reflects his sport and music career, the line will include t-shirts, sweatpants, a hoodie, a crewneck sweater, and a bandana.

Sustainability lies at the heart of ‘Prince Neptune: The Label’. Aligning with Cody Simpson’s commitment to environmental preservation, the clothing line is produced using a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles. Moreover, the manufacturing process takes place in a solar-powered factory in India. To minimize waste, all items will be shipped in biodegradable and compostable organic cotton garment bags.

Cody Simpson’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond the realm of fashion. As the youngest U.N. ambassador for sustainability, he actively works towards making a positive impact on the environment. Simpson also serves as the Oceans Ambassador for WWF, further showcasing his dedication to conservation efforts. Additionally, he recently released his fourth studio album, displaying his musical talents. Amidst these various endeavors, ‘Prince Neptune’ serves as his poetic pseudonym.

The price range for ‘Prince Neptune: The Label’ will range from $25 to $120, making it accessible to fans and conscious consumers alike. By blending sustainable practices with his distinct style, Cody Simpson aims to contribute positively to the fashion industry and inspire others to adopt sustainability in their everyday choices.

Whether in the realms of music or swimming, Cody Simpson continuously thrives and pushes boundaries. While training to secure a spot on the Australian swim team for the 2024 Games, Simpson remains steadfast in his pursuit of creating a positive impact on the environment and exploring his passion for fashion and art. With ‘Prince Neptune: The Label’, Simpson is set to make a significant impact in the fashion industry, proving that sustainable fashion can be both stylish and ethically conscious.

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