Combs Enterprises, the parent company of renowned artist Sean “Diddy” Combs, has recently undergone a rebranding and has emerged as Combs Global. This strategic move symbolizes the company’s global expansion efforts, building upon its initial establishment in 2013 under the name Combs Enterprises. Combs Global encompasses an impressive array of prominent brands and ventures, including Bad Boy Entertainment, Combs Spirits (which includes Cîroc Vodka and DeLeón Tequila), Aquahydrate, Revolt Media, Sean John, Capital Preparatory Charter Schools, and The Sean Combs Foundation.

Since its inception, Combs Global has been actively adding new entities to its roster. Notable recent additions include Empower Global (formerly known as Shop Circulate), Our Fair Share, and Love Records. Additionally, within the past year, the company has made noteworthy investments and acquisitions, such as the purchase of The Nile List and a substantial $2 million investment in the creator platform REC Philly. Remarkably, Combs Global made history with its remarkable $185 million acquisition of key markets and assets from the esteemed cannabis company Cresco Labs.

The rebranding process conducted by Combs Global goes beyond a mere change in name. The company has introduced a fresh visual identity, which will be reflected across its website, social media channels, and brand communications. The debut of the new logo occurred during an Uber One Super Bowl commercial, featuring Combs himself as he showcased his creativity by crafting a hit song for the ride-hailing giant.

In addition to the rebranding initiative, Combs Global has unveiled plans to expand its business units internationally. The company aspires to fulfill its mission of curating the most extensive collection of leading Black-owned brands globally. Combs expressed immense enthusiasm about this new chapter in his business journey, emphasizing his vision for continuous success and industry dominance. To attain these ambitious goals, Combs Global has assembled a team of accomplished executives, specialists, and strategic partners, ensuring that they are poised to make history and maintain their status as front-runners in their respective sectors for the next three decades.

The rebranding and relaunching of Combs Enterprises as Combs Global represents a significant milestone for the company. With its expanded portfolio, fresh visual identity, and ambitious plans for global growth, Combs Global is well-positioned to leave a lasting imprint on the business landscape while championing diversity and promoting Black-owned brands.

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