Construction has officially commenced on the South Molton Triangle development in London’s West End, marking the start of a “new era of international significance” for the area, according to co-developer Grosvenor. With a budget of £500 million, this ambitious scheme aims to breathe new life into a key location in Mayfair, taking advantage of the opening of the new Elizabeth Line at Bond Street.

At the heart of the South Molton Triangle development lies 267,000 square feet of top-quality office space, retail outlets, and leisure facilities. A major focus of the project is the revitalization of South Molton Street, which has experienced a decline in recent years despite its historical status as a popular destination for niche boutique fashion. By rejuvenating this street, the development aims to attract a larger number of visitors and enhance the overall appeal of the area.

Strategically located next to Oxford Street and the recently opened Bond Street Elizabeth Line station, the South Molton Triangle will be the first stop for millions of individuals visiting the West End annually. With the capability to handle 140,000 passengers each day, it is anticipated that the Bond Street station will bring an annual spending of £6.5 million to the area and create almost 1,000 permanent jobs.

Another exciting aspect of the South Molton Triangle development is the restoration of historic Georgian-era buildings on South Molton Street, which will be repurposed for new retail establishments and other purposes. Moreover, there is an opportunity to construct a luxurious 5-star boutique hotel on Brook Street, catering to discerning consumers and further enhancing the area’s shopping allure.

Grosvenor is fully committed to preserving the distinctive character of Mayfair and has planned an £8 million investment in creating a greener and more pedestrian-friendly public space. Additionally, the project aligns with the company’s sustainability objectives by aiming for net-zero carbon emissions during both operation and construction.

Construction has already begun on the associated retail spaces along South Molton Street, with work on the hotel scheduled to commence in 2025. The entire project is expected to be completed by 2027. As stated by Anna Bond, the Executive Director of Development at Grosvenor, the South Molton Triangle development seeks to redefine people’s perceptions of Mayfair and showcases the company’s commitment to investing in outstanding locations that generate long-term economic and social value.

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