Cornish fashion brand Seasalt is actively seeking potential buyers following a successful summer season of strong sales. The brand experienced a boost in sales as a result of the rise in domestic vacations, with British consumers purchasing Seasalt’s clothing while holidaying in the UK. Founded 15 years ago by the Chadwick brothers, Leigh, Neil, and David, Seasalt is now in talks with new investors to further expand its business.

What began as a small store owned by the Chadwick family in Cornwall has since grown into a chain of 70 stores. Seasalt specializes in clothing that reflects a Cornish and coastal lifestyle, catering to customers who appreciate the unique aesthetic. In addition to its physical stores, the brand operates a successful online platform that reaches customers in over 150 countries. Seasalt has also formed partnerships with well-known online retailers such as Zalando and M&S, expanding its reach even further.

Although Seasalt is a privately held company and does not disclose its sales figures publicly, it was reported that the brand achieved sales exceeding £75 million in the year leading up to February 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the retail industry as a whole, but Seasalt managed to overcome the challenges it faced. Despite a 44% decline in sales at its physical stores, the brand experienced a remarkable 95% increase in online sales during the Christmas period. Overall, Seasalt’s total sales rose by 17% and its international sales saw an impressive growth of 20% in the five weeks leading up to January 2.

Seasalt acknowledged the pandemic’s impact on its business, predicting a 57% decrease in store sales for the year until January. However, the brand’s online sales saw a notable 72% increase, partially offsetting the overall decline in sales. While the company expects its profits to be affected, it remains optimistic about its future under the leadership of CEO Paul Hayes. Seasalt has ambitious plans for expansion and is exploring various options to support growth both online and offline in the UK and internationally. However, no specific details have been provided at this stage.

The success of Seasalt can be attributed to its ability to connect with its target audience by offering clothing that embraces a coastal lifestyle and aligns with the current staycation trend. With a growing interest in sustainable and locally-made fashion, the brand is well-positioned for further growth and success. As discussions with potential investors progress, the future of Seasalt looks promising, and it will be fascinating to witness the brand’s evolution in the years to come.

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