Cotton Traders, the well-known British fashion brand with a rich heritage, has reported yet another successful year in their latest financial results. Their turnover has seen a remarkable increase of 10.6%, reaching an impressive £111 million. This achievement marks the most successful financial year for Cotton Traders to date.

The brand attributes their success to two key factors: a 17% increase in new customer acquisition and a 7.5% increase in active customer retention. These statistics highlight the brand’s ability to attract new customers while maintaining the loyalty of their existing customer base.

One of the standout achievements for Cotton Traders is the significant growth in their online sales. They have experienced a substantial 16.6% increase in online sales and a remarkable 46% increase in purchases made through their app compared to the previous year. This surge in online sales can be attributed to changes in customer behavior, as more and more customers prefer the convenience of shopping online. Despite the recent rise of physical stores, the demand for online shopping remains strong in the UK.

Cotton Traders’ success in achieving e-growth can be credited to their ability to appeal to a younger, digitally-savvy customer base. Although the brand’s average new customer age is 56, which is older compared to popular brands like Boohoo and ASOS, they have seen a remarkable 129% increase in new customers through their social media efforts. This emphasizes that customers in their 50s are digitally engaged and appreciate the ease of online shopping. CEO Nick Hamblin has expressed satisfaction with the increasing number of younger customers and aims to establish long-lasting relationships with them.

Investments in various aspects of the brand’s operations have also contributed to their success. Cotton Traders has made notable investments in their head office and logistics operations to ensure excellent customer service. Additionally, the refurbishment of 16 stores, new staff training, and the installation of digital points-of-sale have led to a remarkable 47% increase in new store customers compared to the previous year. Furthermore, Cotton Traders has expanded its product range to meet customer demand. They have added more options in knitwear, dresses, swimwear, underwear, and nightwear, catering to a wider audience.

In terms of marketing, Cotton Traders has increased their TV advertising efforts and focused on digital marketing campaigns. They have also enlisted new celebrity brand ambassadors, such as TV actor and personality Will Mellor and TV presenter and model Lisa Snowdon. These initiatives have resulted in a high level of brand awareness and relevancy, with a remarkable 94% spontaneous brand awareness among prospective customers. Web sessions have also seen a notable increase of 17%, indicating the success of their brand-building and traffic driving campaigns.

Overall, Cotton Traders’ impressive year is a testament to their customer-focused approach, strategic investments in operations, and effective marketing strategies. With their growing online presence and continued commitment to expanding their range of products, the brand is poised for further success in the future.

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