Coty, a global beauty business, has unveiled its ambitious plans to expand its Prestige and Consumer Beauty divisions in the thriving Indian market. This expansion will involve significant investments, including the establishment of a new team and office premises. In addition, Coty has formed a strategic partnership with House of Beauty, a prominent distribution and marketing company, to accelerate growth in the region.

To spearhead its operations in India, Coty has appointed Rizwan Mulla as its business development director. With 25 years of experience in operational management, business development, and marketing, Mulla will be based in Mumbai and play a pivotal role in driving growth within the Indian market.

In recent years, India has witnessed an exponential surge in the demand for Prestige Beauty products. Recognizing this trend, Coty aims to capitalize on the market potential and consolidate its presence in the Indian beauty industry. Kristina Strunz, Coty Southeast Asia and India’s managing director, emphasized that India offers a significant long-term growth opportunity for the company in Asia. She expressed excitement about Coty’s strategic investments in India and its determination to accelerate growth in both the luxury and everyday beauty segments.

Currently, Coty retails a diverse range of premium brands in India, including Gucci Beauty, Burberry Beauty, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, and Davidoff fragrances. The company recently reported a remarkable 65% growth in the 2023 financial year and anticipates continued upward momentum. Aligning with its expansion plans, Coty has inked a strategic distribution agreement with House of Beauty at Quest Retail to introduce Kylie Cosmetics to the Indian market. This collaboration aims to develop a retail marketing program that will establish a formidable consumer base for the brand in the country.

Shriti Malhotra, CEO of Quest Retail – House of Beauty, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership and the inclusion of Kylie Cosmetics in their beauty portfolio. Malhotra highlighted the success of House of Beauty in cultivating and scaling premium global beauty brands through compelling storytelling, extensive distribution networks, and strategic partnerships. She also noted the growing demand in India for high-quality makeup, innovative products, and immersive marketing initiatives from international beauty lifestyle brands. With Coty’s partnership, House of Beauty aims to fortify its portfolio, expand its market presence, and contribute to the rise of premium beauty in South Asia by showcasing the allure of Kylie Cosmetics in India.

Coty’s aggressive expansion plans in India underscore its commitment to tapping into the country’s burgeoning beauty market. By collaborating with House of Beauty and launching various initiatives, Coty aims to cater to the escalating demand for both luxury and everyday beauty products in India. Simultaneously, the company seeks to establish a strong foothold for renowned brands like Kylie Cosmetics. With Coty’s expertise and strategic investments, India’s beauty market is poised to witness further growth and innovation, benefiting discerning consumers and the beauty industry at large.

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