Coty, the global beauty powerhouse, recently announced the extension of its license agreement with luxury brand Jil Sander. This long-standing partnership will now encompass the ultra-premium perfumes sector, as part of the growth strategy for Jil Sander under its new owner, OTB.

The success and international recognition that Jil Sander has achieved under the creative direction of Lucie and Luke Meier has been acknowledged by Coty CEO Sue Y Nabi. Nabi is excited to build upon this momentum and expand the fragrance line even further. The company’s future plans involve aligning Jil Sander fragrances with its fashion division, with the aim of targeting the global ultra-premium market.

This decision reflects a growing trend among luxury brand owners to create a consistent and unified brand experience across all their offerings. Rather than producing products at different price points, the emphasis is now on providing a cohesive brand experience. By aligning their efforts, Coty and Jil Sander will strengthen the brand’s position in the luxury market.

Ubaldo Minelli, CEO of Jil Sander and OTB Group, expressed satisfaction with the renewed partnership, emphasizing the brand’s natural fit in the global ultra-premium segment. He believes that this collaboration will further expand Jil Sander’s presence in the luxury market and shape its vision for the next decade.

Overall, the agreement renewal between Coty and Jil Sander marks a significant milestone for the fashion label as it enters the ultra-premium fragrances sector. With the support of Coty and a focus on aligning with the fashion division, Jil Sander is poised to strengthen its position in the luxury market and capitalize on its great potential in the fragrance industry.

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