The Courtin-Clarins family, who are the owners of French beauty group Clarins, have once again made a significant investment, this time in the skincare industry. Their investment arm, Famille C Venture, has injected £6.4 million (7.5 million euros) into UK-based organic cosmetics brand Pai Skincare. This funding will greatly benefit Pai Skincare, which was founded by Sarah Brown in 2007 and previously received £3.45 million (4 million euros) from Cap Invest in 2017. With the new investment, Pai Skincare plans to expand its product development by establishing new research, development, and manufacturing sites in West London.

Sarah Brown, the CEO of Pai Skincare, expressed her excitement about the Series B funding round, emphasizing that it will provide the brand with the necessary financial strength to drive growth in strategic markets. She highlighted the brand’s unique approach of developing and manufacturing its own products, which sets it apart from other beauty companies in England. Last year, Pai Skincare underwent a packaging and marketing strategy overhaul to align with consumer expectations and emphasize its ethical commitments.

The brand’s organic products, which hold various certifications, including one for the treatment of chronic urticaria, have resonated with consumers, leading to increased sales. In 2020, Pai Skincare achieved sales of £8.3 million, up from £5.5 million in 2018. The company initially projected revenues of £10.5 million for 2021 but has revised this estimate to £12 million (13.8 million euros) due to the accelerated manufacturing made possible by the recent funding round. The majority of sales are expected to come from the UK, France, and the United States.

This latest investment from Famille C Venture marks the fifth for the company since its launch in 2017. Led by Prisca Courtin-Clarins, the fund has previously invested in companies such as Sophia Genetics, LumApps, Joone, and Launchmetrics. Courtin-Clarins expressed her pride in supporting Pai Skincare and praised the brand’s unique business model and potential. She believes that Pai Skincare offers a valuable offering that aligns with the expectations of new consumers. To further support the brand, Courtin-Clarins will join Pai’s board of directors.

In summary, the investment from the Courtin-Clarins family’s holding company will enable Pai Skincare to expand its market presence and continue to develop innovative and responsible skincare products. With increased financial backing and support, the brand is positioned for continued growth in the competitive beauty industry.

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