Creightons, a leading personal care, beauty, and fragrance products manufacturer in the UK, has recently acquired the renowned skincare brand Emma Hardie for £6.26 million. The deal encompasses the purchase of both the Emma Hardie business and the brand itself. The acquisition was completed through a combination of £5 million in cash and the issuance of 1.6 million ordinary shares.

Emma Hardie is a well-established business that specializes in creating natural, cruelty-free, and innovative skincare products. With over a decade of experience, the brand has gained international recognition and has been honored with more than 40 prestigious beauty awards. It boasts a loyal customer base across the UK, Europe, USA, and Asia Pacific.

As part of the acquisition, Barry Cook, the former managing director of Emma Hardie, has been brought on board to ensure a seamless transition and explore new sales opportunities. Creightons views this acquisition as a significant development that strengthens its brand portfolio and facilitates expansion into a higher-end market segment, including prestigious retailers and digital platforms.

The financial details of Emma Hardie reveal that its gross assets for the year ending June 30, 2020, amounted to £2.46 million. Pre-tax profits for the period reached £46,819, while turnover exceeded £3.8 million.

Creightons is confident that the acquisition will generate manufacturing and management synergies, resulting in increased returns for the brand. Moreover, there are significant growth prospects for expanding the distribution of the Emma Hardie brand in both domestic and international markets. The in-house development and brand teams at Creightons will work on expanding the brand’s offerings to drive sales growth and enhance profit margins.

Bernard Johnson, the Managing Director of Creightons, views the acquisition as a substantial investment in a premium skincare business with a strong digital customer base. This move aligns with the company’s strategic objective to strengthen its branded business, which is a pivotal driver of future growth. In a recent trading statement, Creightons expressed its confidence in capitalizing on emerging opportunities, including acquiring brands that have a robust digital presence.

The acquisition of Emma Hardie by Creightons exemplifies the company’s commitment to expanding its portfolio and solidifying its position in the personal care and beauty industry. With the addition of such a highly regarded skincare brand, Creightons is poised for further growth and success in both domestic and international markets.

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