Crew Clothing, a well-known retailer in the UK, has seen a significant boost in sales during the Christmas season and remains optimistic about its January sales, thanks to its partnerships with major retailers. The company saw remarkable success during the festive period, with its online sales receiving a substantial increase from its presence on the webstores of John Lewis, Next, and Very. This trend of brands benefitting from collaborations with prominent retailers has been observed across the UK retail industry.

Similar to other retailers, Crew Clothing witnessed a surge in demand for party clothes in the seven weeks leading up to January 8. Despite consumers being more cautious due to financial constraints, they enthusiastically embraced the return of a “normal” festive season for the first time since 2019. To capitalize on this opportunity, the company strategically adjusted its product mix, doubling its inventory of dresses to 14%. This strategic decision resulted in impressive results, with men’s knitwear and shirts also performing well. However, the star product turned out to be the classic half-zip sweatshirt, which proved to be the best-selling item.

Crew Clothing’s success can be attributed, in part, to its flexible stock model, which allowed the company to efficiently meet customer demand. By swiftly responding to trends and ensuring timely delivery, the retailer maximized the benefits of its partnerships with John Lewis, Next, and Very. Although sales through its own website were not as spectacular, there was still a noteworthy 41% increase compared to the pre-Covid period.

Physical store sales were also strong for Crew Clothing, experiencing a 15% year-on-year jump and a 9% increase on a like-for-like basis. Despite the challenging retail landscape, CEO David Butler attributes the company’s success during the crucial shopping season to its omnichannel model and customer-focused strategy. He further highlighted the continuous growth of the loyal customer base and expressed optimism as the company enters 2023. January sales have shown promise thus far, further bolstering the positive outlook for Crew Clothing in the year ahead.

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