Crocs, Inc., a well-known footwear company headquartered in Colorado, has recently named Michelle Poole as its new president. With her extensive experience and expertise in the industry, Poole will oversee the Crocs regional commercial teams for the Americas, Asia, and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). In addition to this role, she will continue to lead the company’s product design and management, merchandising, and marketing teams. Poole will report directly to Crocs CEO, Andrew Rees.

Before her promotion to president, Poole served as Executive Vice President and Chief Product Merchandising Officer at Crocs starting in April 2020. Her role in the company’s success cannot be understated, having held senior positions in marketing, merchandising, and product management at renowned brands like Sperry Top-Sider, Timberland, Kangol, Converse, MTV Europe, and Pepe Jeans.

CEO Andrew Rees commended Poole for her significant impact on Crocs, stating that she has played a vital role in their ability to overcome challenges and thrive. Rees believes that Poole’s appointment will further strengthen their go-to-market strategy and contribute to the long-term success of the Crocs brand.

Poole expressed her excitement and commitment to her new role, emphasizing her dedication to integrating the global teams and driving the growth of the Crocs brand in the years to come. She acknowledged the talented team she will be leading and expressed her gratitude for being entrusted with such an incredible global brand.

In addition to the leadership appointment, Crocs has provided an optimistic revenue outlook for the third quarter. The company expects a revenue growth of approximately 10% during this period. This positive forecast can be attributed to strong consumer demand and increased sell-throughs, indicating that Crocs is confidently emerging from the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

As Crocs looks ahead, the company is preparing to participate in CL King & Associates’ 18th Annual Best Ideas Conference on September 16. This participation demonstrates the company’s optimism about its future prospects and its confidence in its ability to strengthen its business further in the coming months.

The decision to appoint Michelle Poole as president and the positive revenue guidance for the third quarter illustrate Crocs’ commitment to its brand and its confidence in overcoming challenges. With Poole’s leadership and the continued demand for their products, Crocs is well-positioned for sustained success in the footwear industry.

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