Cudoni, the luxury resale site, has experienced a remarkable surge in sales and customer engagement among men. While the company primarily focused on womenswear in recent years, it recognized the untapped potential of the menswear market. To tap into this segment, Cudoni launched The Cudoni Man campaign, featuring model Richard Biedul. This strategic move has proven to be successful, as men now make up 35% to 40% of Cudoni’s customer base, compared to just 20% three years ago. The focus on menswear has not only attracted more male customers but has also driven a 400% year-on-year increase in sales.

According to Cudoni, there has been a steady growth in resale awareness among men. In the past, over half of the men’s items listed on the platform were sold by women. However, this number has decreased to less than 40%, indicating that more men are actively participating in the resale market. Interestingly, men’s items tend to sell almost twice as fast as women’s, as the supply of men’s fashion is comparatively lower than the demand. Among the most sought-after items with high value retention and sell-through rates are shoes, watches, outerwear, bags, and leather goods.

The success of Cudoni’s push into menswear illustrates the opportunities that exist in the luxury resale market. By recognizing and catering to the growing demand for men’s fashion, Cudoni not only expanded its customer base but also experienced a significant boost in sales. As resale awareness continues to rise and sustainable fashion gains popularity, targeting men will remain a valuable strategy for brands operating in this industry. Cudoni’s success can serve as inspiration for other players in the market to explore and capitalize on this growing customer segment.

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