Customers of Missguided will unfortunately not be receiving refunds for returns made before the company entered administration. The popular fast-fashion retailer in the UK filed for insolvency last month due to outstanding payments to creditors. Frasers Group, the parent company of Sports Direct, stepped in to purchase Missguided along with menswear brand Mennace for £20 million. However, administrators from Teneo have stated that refunds cannot be honored as part of the insolvency process.

Teneo informed a Missguided customer, “We will not be able to honor any pre-appointment refunds requested and not yet settled. In this case, you can make a claim in the administration process.” It is unfortunate that customers are often left waiting for repayments when a company goes through financial collapse. Teneo did not provide further comment on the decision.

Aside from the refund issue, customers are also frustrated with delayed deliveries since Missguided’s collapse. The company and administrators now face the pressure of resolving these delivery problems promptly.

After the purchase was completed in August, Missguided will be operated by the administrator under a transitional agreement for about eight weeks. Following that, the intention is for Missguided to operate independently within the Frasers Group. Frasers CEO Michael Murray expressed excitement about securing a long-term future for Missguided, highlighting the company’s digital-first approach to women’s fashion trends and its potential to contribute expertise to the wider group.

Ultimately, customers who returned items before Missguided entered administration will not receive refunds, and the company must now address the challenge of delayed deliveries. As the brand transitions within the Frasers Group, changes can be expected in the coming months as Missguided begins operating independently within the group.

For further information on Frasers Group’s acquisition of Missguided, click [here](). Additionally, those affected by the refund issue can find more details on making a claim in the administration process [here]().