Daniel Rubin, the founder of Dune, has recently introduced a new premium footwear brand called Lerins. Inspired by the untouched Lérins Islands located off the French Riviera, Lerins is dedicated to producing sustainable trainers for both men and women. The brand designs its shoes in London and manufactures them in Portugal using materials sourced from various parts of Europe. While Lerins does not claim to be completely sustainable, it is deeply committed to becoming as sustainable as possible and aims to be transparent in its efforts.

Lerins will be launching its shoes this month, with a retail price of £130 on its website. Described as a modern twist on retro court trainers, the company aims to provide optimal comfort and trendy style. The first collection consists of ten options available in a variety of fashionable shades, such as muted camel and vibrant green. Lerins aims to bridge the gap between modern design and socially and environmentally conscious crafting techniques without compromising on comfort or quality.

Having been involved in footwear manufacturing for four generations, Daniel Rubin founded Dune 30 years ago. Reflecting on his experience, Rubin acknowledges the complexity of the shoe-making process, which includes over one hundred different steps. With Lerins, Rubin’s mission is to produce shoes in a more sustainable manner. While acknowledging that leather is a by-product of the food industry, he recognizes that its production requires significant amounts of water and chemicals. Rubin is determined to address these challenges and ensure that his shoes are made in a more environmentally and socially responsible way.

Lerins utilizes leather that is produced to a high gold standard in certified ‘Leather Working Group’ tanneries. The brand ensures that the raw material is sourced from known and approved origins, and closely controls the use of water and chemicals. In addition to leather, Lerins also incorporates vegan leather supplied by its Italian partner, Vegea. This vegan leather is produced from grape skins leftover from winemaking, combined with vegetal oils and natural fibers to create a durable and leather-like material. Lerins also offers options made from recycled sea plastics, including leather and canvas. The brand uses organic cotton for its shoelaces and blends recycled and virgin rubber to create its soles.

Lerins extends its commitment to sustainability to its packaging, which is fully recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable. The brand also employs energy-efficient processes in its logistics and operations whenever possible.

With the launch of Lerins, Daniel Rubin aims to make a lasting impact on the premium footwear market by prioritizing sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. Through its use of environmentally friendly materials and conscious design techniques, Lerins offers consumers a stylish and sustainable option for their footwear needs.

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