When Daniella Vitale assumed the position of CEO Americas at luxury brand Ferragamo, it marked a significant moment for both her career and the company. With over three decades of experience in the luxury sector, Vitale’s journey started at Salvatore Ferragamo itself. This made her appointment even more meaningful as she became the first female CEO in the Americas market for the family-run brand renowned for its iconic Old Hollywood shoe business.

In an interview with FashionNetwork.com, Vitale expressed her excitement about joining Ferragamo and her aspirations to make a lasting impact. She recognized the need for rejuvenation and transformation within the brand and was enthusiastic about being a part of it. Vitale emphasized the importance of having a woman in a leadership role, especially in a company with a significant number of women, particularly young women. She added that the women’s product is a key area of growth for the brand, given its appeal to the trend-driven US customer.

In terms of financial performance, Ferragamo reported 600 million euros for H1 2023, slightly lower than the previous year. However, Vitale underscored the brand’s commitment to creative transition and optimizing wholesale and retail networks.

To drive growth, Ferragamo has established strategic partnerships with renowned retailers such as Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman. These collaborations have contributed to the brand’s success, placing a particular emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Vitale stressed the need to reset the wholesale business by reducing other wholesale accounts and prioritizing direct-to-consumer relationships.

CEO Marco Gobbetti and creative director Maximilian Davis have set a vision for Ferragamo, which includes reshaping the image of existing stores. Vitale disclosed plans for two forthcoming stores in Toronto and Aventura Mall in Miami. The company’s goal is to renovate and innovate its older stores to align with the brand’s new image.

The Greene Street store in New York City serves as an example of Ferragamo’s evolving approach. Featuring experimental and tech innovation components, the store targets a new generation of Ferragamo enthusiasts. Vitale emphasized the importance of delivering unique and differentiated experiences to cater to diverse consumer expectations.

The brand’s recent Fall 2023 campaign, captured by Tyler Mitchell and featuring collaborations with the Uffizi Gallery, showcases a contemporary Renaissance theme. Vitale stated that the campaign pays homage to Ferragamo’s heritage while remaining modern and relevant. This approach reflects the brand’s dedication to embracing its origins while staying current.

Vitale noted her personal history with Ferragamo, starting as an assistant merchandiser in men’s shoes. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work closely with the Ferragamo family and important figures such as Massimo and Leonardo, Salvatore Ferragamo’s sons. This connection has allowed her to maintain a strong bond with the family throughout her career.

In her current role, Vitale oversees business development, strategy, and brand positioning in the Americas. She supports the vision of CEO Marco Gobbetti and creative director Maximilian Davis in repositioning the label. Vitale highlighted the crucial role of the US market in shaping the global perception of the brand. She emphasized the importance of effective execution, brand positioning, and communication in preserving Ferragamo’s reputation.

With updated styles like the Ferragamo Wanda bag and the new Hug bag, the brand has found success in appealing to the fashion-conscious American consumer. While remaining true to its classic appeal, Ferragamo continues to introduce new styles that resonate with customers.

Overall, Vitale’s leadership as the first female CEO in the Americas brings a fresh perspective to Ferragamo. Her dedication to rejuvenating the brand and her deep understanding of the luxury sector position her as a crucial figure in Ferragamo’s global strategy. With a focus on growth, partnerships, and innovation, Ferragamo aims to remain relevant and capture the hearts of new generations of consumers.

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