David Beckham’s business empire continues to thrive, as evidenced by the significant growth in revenue reported by his holding company. Meanwhile, his wife Victoria Beckham’s fashion label showed signs of improvement, although it still faced losses.

Recently filed accounts reveal that Victoria Beckham’s operating losses decreased from £3.9 million to £0.9 million in 2022. Pre-tax losses also narrowed to £3.1 million from £5.9 million the previous year. This positive trend can be attributed to a 44% increase in sales, amounting to £58.8 million. The success was driven by the popularity of Victoria Beckham’s beauty products and the positive reception of her Paris Fashion Week show. However, the filings also indicate that the company would require further cash injections. Shareholders, including the Beckhams themselves, former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, and private equity firm Neo Investment Partners, have provided loans totaling almost £7 million in the past year.

On the other hand, David Beckham’s business experienced remarkable growth in revenue, more than doubling its earnings in 2022. This boost was primarily due to licensing deals and partnerships with renowned brands such as Sands, Maserati, Panini, and Guild eSports. DRJB Holdings, Beckham’s business entity, reported a revenue increase from £34.3 million to £72.6 million. The majority of this revenue was generated from brand partnerships and licensing agreements. Notably, Beckham’s role as an ambassador for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar played a significant part in these lucrative partnerships. Although the operating profit rose to £21.9 million from £16 million, pre-tax profit dropped to £10.8 million from £23.5 million due to higher administrative expenses.

The accounts also highlight that the Beckham brand remains highly sought after, even as David Beckham’s football career becomes more distant. In addition to his successful business ventures, which include interests in esports and co-founding the MLS football team Inter Miami CF, Beckham has also ventured into media. Last year, his lucrative Netflix documentary series contributed to increased profits. The global brand under the oversight of DB Ventures saw Beckham selling a majority stake to Authentic Brands, a company known for its acquisitions of popular brands such as Reebok, Hunter, and Ted Baker.

The continued success of the Beckham business empire demonstrates the couple’s entrepreneurial acumen and their ability to expand their influence beyond the world of sports. With both David and Victoria Beckham making strides in their respective industries, it is evident that their business ventures are on a path to flourish in the years to come.

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