David Gandy Wellwear has marked a major milestone in its brand journey by opening its first physical retail store in Selfridges. This is a significant move for the fashion and lifestyle brand as it celebrates its one-year anniversary. Previously, the label had exclusively operated as a direct-to-consumer brand since its launch towards the end of 2021.

The new collection, consisting of 17 pieces from various Wellwear collections, is now available at Selfridges in-store at the Men’s Modern Casual space on the first floor of the flagship Oxford Street location in London, as well as through the webstore.

The collection includes popular core items such as the Ultimate Hoody, Ultimate Jogger, and Ultimate Crew Tees. It also features the latest seasonal releases like the Easy Tapered Pant, Quilted Cotton Gilet, and Restore Sweats, offering customers a complete wardrobe solution.

The collaboration between David Gandy Wellwear and Selfridges is a perfect fit, as the department store has been increasingly focusing on wellness, sustainability, and supporting independent brands. Wellwear positions itself as a new category of clothing that combines fashion and wellbeing, making it an ideal addition to Selfridges’ brand portfolio.

The brand aims to meet the growing demand for self-care, taking a holistic approach to design. Wellwear offers a collection of pieces that not only look stylish but also support a healthy lifestyle. The brand takes a multi-sensory approach to its designs, with a strong focus on the scientific benefits of soft and comfortable clothing.

In practice, this means using materials with anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties, as well as fabrics that offer a pleasant tactile experience. Wellwear emphasizes that research has shown that simply touching smooth fabrics can improve psychological wellbeing and reduce negative emotions.

Moreover, Wellwear prides itself on its commitment to affordability and sustainability. The brand pushes the boundaries of fabric innovation by using the best and most sustainable natural fibers, treating them with technical properties that enhance the wearer’s physical wellbeing.

One notable innovation is Wellwear Breathe, a feature that provides anti-odour and anti-bacterial benefits. This technology reduces the need to wash clothes after every wear, resulting in longer-lasting garments and a positive environmental impact.

Prices for Wellwear’s range at Selfridges range from £40 to £210, making the brand accessible to a wide range of customers.

By launching in Selfridges, David Gandy Wellwear has taken a significant step forward, introducing its unique blend of style and wellbeing to a larger audience. As the brand continues to grow, it will be interesting to see its impact on the fashion industry and how it contributes to redefining modern apparel.

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