Deckers Brands, the footwear company based in Goleta, California, has achieved outstanding sales results in fiscal year 2023, with net sales totaling $3.627 billion. This represents a remarkable 15.1% increase compared to the previous year. The company’s success can be attributed to impressive growth in all channels and regions, as well as a remarkable 58% increase in sales for its star brand, Hoka.

Deckers Brands witnessed a notable rise in wholesale net sales, which reached $2.161 billion, marking an 11.6% increase. Direct-to-consumer sales also experienced significant growth, reaching $1.467 billion, a substantial 20.8% increase. Domestically, sales grew by 13.1% to $2.451 billion, while internationally, sales saw an even higher increase of 19.7% to $1.176 billion.

The Hoka brand showcased outstanding performance, achieving a remarkable growth rate of 58.5% with net sales amounting to $1.413 billion. However, Deckers’ largest brand, Ugg, experienced a slight decline of 2.7% in sales, totaling $1.929 million. Nevertheless, Teva, another brand under Deckers, experienced a growth of 12.5% to reach $183.1 million in sales. On the other hand, the other brands segment, primarily composed of Koolaburra, saw a decrease of 9.6% with sales totaling $64.1 million.

Deckers Brands’ net income also witnessed a significant increase, reaching $518.8 million compared to $451.9 million in the previous year. Dave Powers, the company’s president and CEO, expressed his satisfaction with the outstanding performance achieved in fiscal year 2023. He emphasized, “We continue to deliver record results, including the Hoka brand adding more than half a billion dollars of top-line revenue. We are energized for the path ahead as we continue investing behind our long-term strategic priorities, while maintaining a disciplined approach to managing our operating model to drive sustainable future success.”

Looking towards fiscal year 2024, Deckers Brands anticipates net sales to be around $3.95 billion. With its impressive performance and strong brand portfolio, the company seems well-prepared for continuous growth and success in the future.

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