Deckers Brands, based in Goleta, California, is celebrating a 21% increase in revenue during the recently concluded second quarter. This growth was seen across all channels and territories, with double-digit gains reported. Net sales for the quarter reached an impressive $875.6 million, a significant increase from $721.9 million in the same period last year.

By analyzing the sales figures by channel, wholesale net sales experienced a 16.7% increase to $636.5 million, while direct-to-consumer net sales rose by 35.3% to $239.1 million. The remarkable growth in direct-to-consumer sales also led to a 38.2% increase in comparable net sales. Domestically, Deckers’ net sales saw a 20.0% increase, reaching $617.7 million, and internationally, net sales grew by 24.4% to $257.9 million.

Breaking it down further by brand, Ugg net sales increased by 6.3% to $476.5 million, and Teva sales saw a 4.3% increase to $30.1 million. However, Sanuk sales declined by 25.2% to $7.5 million. On a positive note, Koolaburra, another brand under Deckers, experienced a 17.9% increase in sales, reaching $28.5 million. The star performer during this quarter was the Hoka brand, which reported a remarkable 58.3% increase in sales, reaching $333 million.

Despite a slight dip in net income from the prior-year period, dropping to $101.5 million compared to $102.1 million, Deckers remains confident in its ability to maintain strong performance. Dave Powers, the president and CEO of Deckers, attributes this success to the team’s execution, even in the face of a challenging macroeconomic backdrop. With the Ugg brand’s peak selling season approaching and the demand for Hoka performance footwear continuing to grow, Deckers expects to meet its full-year guidance.

Looking ahead, Deckers reiterates its fiscal year 2023 revenue growth projection of 10-11% on a reported basis. Additionally, the company expects diluted earnings per share to range from $17.50 to $18.35. With a solid first half of the year and promising sales figures, Deckers Brands is well-positioned for continued success in the footwear market.

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