The renowned Della Valle family, owners of Tod’s and other prestigious brands, have unveiled their latest endeavor named “Sempre con Voi,” meaning “Always with You.” This noble project has been launched with the aim of extending support to the family members of healthcare professionals who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. In a profound gesture of solidarity, the Della Valle family has generously donated €5 million to kickstart this initiative.

The Della Valle family expressed their deep admiration for the selflessness and bravery exhibited by these dedicated healthcare workers, emphasizing that their heroic actions will forever serve as a shining example for generations to come. They have placed their trust in the esteemed Protezione Civile, the primary government organization in Italy responsible for managing national emergencies, to administer the funds. In addition, the family expressed their immense gratitude to Protezione Civile for their unwavering dedication and relentless efforts in combating the virus.

For those who wish to contribute to the Sempre con Voi project, a dedicated account has been established by Protezione Civile. Individuals interested in making a donation can easily do so by transferring funds to the following account: IBAN IT66 J030 6905 0201 0000 0066 432.

Beyond their remarkable presence in the fashion industry, the Della Valle family is recognized for their ownership of other esteemed brands, including Hogan, Fay, and the illustrious Paris couture house, Schiaparelli.

This compassionate initiative by the Della Valle family unquestionably underlines their unwavering commitment to providing support and recognizing the invaluable sacrifices made by healthcare professionals who have tragically lost their lives in the battle against Covid-19. Through their tremendous generosity, they aspire to offer solace and assistance to the families left behind during these challenging times. This act of kindness serves as a poignant reminder of the profound strength and unity that can emerge amidst the darkest of circumstances.

To learn more about the Sempre con Voi project and contribute to this meaningful cause, please visit the dedicated account at Protezione Civile.

For further information about the Della Valle family and their illustrious brands, feel free to explore their official website at Della Valle Family Official Website.