Deporvillage, the renowned e-commerce company specializing in sports equipment, is currently going through a significant transformation as it finalizes its integration into the Iberian Sports Retail Group (ISRG) portfolio. ISRG, a joint venture between JD Sports, Sprinter, and Sport Zone, aims to expand its presence in the Iberian market through this collaboration. As a result of this integration, Deporvillage’s founders, Xavier Pladellorens and Ángel Corcuera, will be stepping down from their positions in the company.

After serving as the CEO of Deporvillage for the past 12 years, Xavier Pladellorens will be leaving the company on October 17. Pladellorens expressed his gratitude for the valuable experiences he gained during his time leading the company and expressed his excitement for the new and intriguing chapter in his life.

Alongside Pladellorens, Ángel Corcuera, the product manager (CPO) of Deporvillage, will also be departing from the company in the upcoming months. The specific details regarding their departures have not been disclosed as of yet, but it has been confirmed that ISRG group executives will be assuming their respective roles.

The departure of Deporvillage’s founders has prompted a change in the company’s shareholding structure. Initial reports indicate that ISRG acquired 80% of the company’s capital in June 2021. However, as the integration process nears completion, ISRG has raised its stake to 98%, while Pladellorens and Corcuera will maintain a 2% share.

Deporvillage has experienced remarkable growth since its establishment in 2010. Initially an e-commerce platform, the company expanded rapidly and recorded a turnover of €160 million in 2021. Deporvillage’s platform, available in six languages, offers an impressive selection of over 100,000 items from 680 brands, including their own. They cater to customers in approximately one hundred markets and are headquartered in Manresa, Barcelona, with a workforce of over 300 employees.

With its integration into the ISRG portfolio, Deporvillage anticipates further strengthening its position in the fiercely competitive sports retail market. By leveraging the resources and expertise of its new parent company, Deporvillage will benefit from ISRG’s continued expansion in the Iberian market. While the departure of the company’s founders signifies the end of an era, it also paves the way for fresh opportunities and growth under the guidance of ISRG.

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