Esteban Cortazar, the acclaimed fashion designer recognized for his daring prints and Colombian heritage, has joined forces with the Spanish brand Desigual to create a remarkable 15-piece capsule collection. Named “Desigual loves Esteban Cortazar,” this collection draws inspiration from the culturally diverse and artistically vibrant Miami of the 1990s. By incorporating elements from Andy Sweet’s street photography, the vivid Art Deco aesthetic, and Valentino Cortazar’s graphic imagery, the collection effortlessly captures the essence of Cortazar’s youthful experiences.

From his early days as a prodigious teenage designer captivating the New York runway to his time spent in Ibiza, Cortazar has consistently been drawn to vibrant prints and Latin influences. This unisex collection includes denim looks, swimwear, cocktail dresses, and shirts for men, all infused with his distinctive Latin party-animal DNA.

In a recent interview, Cortazar shared his thoughts on the collaboration with Desigual and what attracted him to the brand. He noted that the connection happened organically and spontaneously after noticing Desigual’s presence in different countries and cities, notably in Latin America. Cortazar was also impressed by the brand’s cool community of artists and their forward-thinking vision. He believed that collaborating with Desigual presented a unique opportunity to engage a new audience and revitalize the brand.

When asked about his cherished memories of Miami, Cortazar fondly recalled the prints created by his father, the iconic street photographs by Andy Sweet, and his own experiences growing up in the vibrant South Beach scene. Witnessing fashion shoots on the beach, encountering renowned designers like Gianni Versace, and immersing himself in Miami’s eccentric and flamboyant culture profoundly influenced him. These memories served as the springboard for the collection, which Cortazar intended to be fresh, bold, and effortlessly wearable for his friends.

Both sustainability and eco-friendliness are integral to Cortazar’s and Desigual’s considerations. Cortazar emphasized that sustainability is not merely a passing trend but a crucial responsibility. He revealed that discussions about sourcing fabrics, creating prints, and conserving water were some of the initial conversations he had with Desigual. Both parties are fully committed to effecting positive change in the fashion industry and the world at large.

Cortazar further elaborated on his decision to incorporate his father’s artwork into the collection. Drawing inspiration from his father’s influence on him and their prior collaborations, he believed that infusing his father’s art into the project would infuse it with a personal and meaningful touch. Cortazar expressed his desire to continue working with his father due to the unique dynamic they bring to their creative process.

To mirror the diverse and inclusive nature of Miami, the collection’s casting includes a wide range of individuals chosen to represent the city’s spirit. Initially planning to shoot the campaign in Miami, Cortazar had to adapt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, he successfully recreated the South Beach atmosphere in Barcelona, utilizing art deco hotels and cafes as backdrops. The cast features talented individuals such as Daniela Santiago, known for her role in the HBO series “La Veneno,” and up-and-coming Latin singer Yendry.

In conclusion, Esteban Cortazar’s collaboration with Desigual is both a celebration of his Miami upbringing and a testament to his unique style and influences. With sustainability as a focal point, vibrant prints, and an embrace of diversity, the collection aspires to evoke feelings of spontaneity, freedom, and optimism. Cortazar and Desigual invite individuals to embrace their own boldness and maintain a positive outlook in the face of challenges.

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